Top 9 Life Transformational Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Interested in getting cosmetic dentistry in San Diego? In this article, I will talk about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry and share how my patients’ lives changed for the better after undergoing treatment.

There are many benefits of cosmetic dentistry. Although most dental restorations aim to provide a natural-looking result, in general, cosmetic dentistry focuses on creating the most outstanding and aesthetically pleasing dental restorations.

Cosmetic Dentists are trained to perform a wide range of procedures to improve your smile. Moreover, the treatment plan for every patient is tailor-made. When we design a treatment plan, we consider every little detail of the patient’s mouth, teeth, and face to create the most beautiful smile.

Furthermore, to achieve better results, the dentist relies on high-end technology, such as photos, digital scanners, and software.

The restorations performed through cosmetic dentistry are designed to look like natural teeth. The dentist uses high-quality materials that mimic the appearance of your teeth while remaining sturdy and resistant. Moreover, some of them can reflect light in the same way that enamel does.

Cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve the look you want while restoring lost function.

Our dental office in Blyss Dental in Del Mar, California, offers more than just a beautiful smile. Book a free consultation now if you want to improve your image and boost your self-esteem and lifestyle with a brand-new smile. Keep reading below to know more about these transformational benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

Disclaimer: All the names contained within the article are fictional. The real patients’ names have been replaced to protect their privacy.

Benefit 1: Cosmetic Dentistry Boosts Confidence

On many occasions, having a flawless smile can drastically improve your confidence and self-esteem. You can experience confidence problems if you have any defect or cavity in your frontal teeth. However, cosmetic dentistry can cover those issues and improve your smile. This is one of the main benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

school teacher with confident smile - cosmetic dentistry benefit

Cosmetic dentistry can help in improving your confidence and self-esteem.

This was the case for Karen, my patient.

She is a middle school teacher who loves her students. However, she realized she was having issues approaching and bonding with them. She kept wondering why until one day, one of them told her that they call her grumpy because they never see her smile.

Now, she did that unconsciously for decades because she had a big diastema – also known as a gap – between her upper incisors. This gap had always been her biggest insecurity since she was a teen. Moreover, it was an issue big enough to prevent her from smiling in public.

That’s when she began looking for information about cosmetic dentistry in San Diego and decided to visit me for consultation. Upon evaluation, I gave her two treatment options: braces or veneers.

She wanted a quick solution, so she decided to get ceramic veneers. This allowed me to close her diastema and enhance her frontal teeth appearance.

After the treatment, she regained the confidence to smile in front of people again. Her students quickly began approaching her more and eventually stopped calling her grumpy. She was so thankful for her transformation.

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Benefit 2: Improve Oral Health With Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Although most cosmetic dentistry procedures are aimed at improving aesthetics, most of them have therapeutic effects. As a result, they can also treat dental conditions, restore dental function, and improve your oral health.

I will never forget about Lisa. Her parents couldn’t afford to take her to regular dental checkups while she was growing up. Therefore, she could only attend emergency appointments after experiencing severe pain. This resulted in multiple missing teeth and several cavities.

Her missing teeth caused a considerable facial asymmetry. It developed as her bite collapsed on the side where multiple teeth were missing. It made her face look like it had dropped on one side. She also developed bone resorption, a process where the bone begins to shrink.

model of a dental implant

Getting dental implants can help rebuild your oral health.

I decided to restore the missing teeth using implants. However, to safely place the implant, she had to undergo a bone graft beforehand. Also, I treated her extensive cavities using dental crown restorations.

Once the treatment was completed, Lisa regained her oral health. Her implants fixed the facial issue and made it seem like she had a facelift done.

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Benefit 3: Cosmetic Dentistry Prevents Teeth Stain Worries

Stain resistance is one of the most significant benefits of the high-quality porcelain veneers used in cosmetic dentistry.

These porcelains do not stain over time and maintain their natural color indefinitely. This property makes porcelain dental crowns an excellent alternative for people who smoke and drink too much coffee, such as Mike.

Mike has been a chain smoker for over 20 years and was experiencing excessive plaque and yellow teeth. He also had extensive caries in almost every tooth.

Regular cleanings could have removed the plaque and prevented teeth cavities. However, his teeth were severely damaged and he didn’t want to stop smoking, meaning his teeth would stain regularly. Therefore, after telling him his options, we decided to get him full-mouth porcelain crowns.

cosmetic dentistry - dental crowns and bridges

If you have damaged teeth, dental crowns and bridges are the common options for you.

These crowns would fix the caries issue and allow Mike to have pearly whites, even if he continued to smoke. However, for him to fully enjoy the benefits of cosmetic dentistry and to maintain good oral health, I advised him about the importance of quitting smoking.

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Benefit 4: Cosmetic Dentistry Can Fix Your Bite

Orthodontic treatment with braces or clear aligners, such as Invisalign, is the best way to fix misaligned teeth. However, in some mild cases, veneers can be a more quick and more effective alternative.

In this case, I wouldn’t move your teeth. Instead, I would make small preps and bond a shell-like restoration on top of them. These restorations make the frontal teeth look more aligned and aesthetically pleasing.

This is how I fixed Jane’s bite using composite veneers.

Jane is a marketing executive who’s constantly on business trips and talking with clients. She became self-conscious of her misaligned teeth by looking at other people’s perfect smiles. As expected, she decided to make a change and improve her smile.

I encouraged her to get Invisalign since they are the less invasive treatment option. Unlike veneers, clear aligners don’t involve prepping the enamel. Also, her malocclusion, commonly known as teeth misalignment, was mild. Meaning that she wouldn’t have to wear them for too long.

close-up of misaligned teeth

Malocclusion or teeth misalignment is one of the most common problems that can be addressed by cosmetic dentistry.

However, Jane expressed that she couldn’t commit to braces treatment due to the nature of her job. As she is constantly on business trips, she couldn’t attend regular checkups to adjust the braces. Nonetheless, she wanted to improve her overall smile.

Therefore, I decided to treat her with composite veneers. Unlike porcelain veneers, composite veneers are done in just one appointment and are done directly on top of the teeth.

It only took Jane one day at the dental office to get the aligned smile she longed for.

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Benefit 5: Cosmetic Procedures Can Help You Land More Job Opportunities

Another one of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry is regaining a good personal image, which is an important quality that many employers look forward to among their employees. This is especially true for jobs where people have to deal face-to-face with clients. Therefore, a great-looking smile can be the determinant point to getting the job you want.

A clear example of this is Ivy’s story. She developed black medication stains on her permanent teeth that can’t be addressed by teeth whitening. These stains caused her insecurities. However, it became a bigger problem when they even prevented her from getting a job.

close-up of badly stained teeth

Stained teeth great impacts how we present ourselves to others. Through cosmetic dentistry, it is possible to address this and improve your image.

She always felt that she had self-confidence issues during her job interviews. This problem prevented her from landing her dream job.

I decided to treat her using porcelain veneers when she came looking for help. Not only did they cover the black stains, but they also improved her teeth’ shape and smile.

Ivy went to a new job interview a couple of weeks after getting her porcelain veneers. Not surprisingly, she got the job right away and is finally doing what she loves.

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Benefit 6: Become More Attractive With Dental Implants And Crowns

Having a charismatic personality is a big element of being successful on dates. It can even help you find someone that you might spend the rest of your life with.

However, looks and aesthetics are usually good starting points when we try to find someone to date. Moreover, feeling good about your image can improve your confidence and self-esteem. This tends to make you more attractive and approachable.

Since a smile is one of the first features someone notices, having beautiful teeth creates a great first impression.

smiling couple on a date

A beautiful smile is one of the first things people notice.

This is the reason why Ryan came looking for help. He lost his upper incisor teeth in a bike accident when he was young. His dentist used a prosthetic partial denture to fill the empty gap. However, it became loose over time.

Sometimes, it would fall off when talking with someone, which hindered him from going out on dates. Moreover, he suffered bone resorption.

He told me that he wanted a permanent solution that wouldn’t fall off. Therefore, I decided to treat him with a bone graft to fix the bone defect and dental implants to fix his smile.

Ryan began going out on dates again now that his prosthetic teeth are permanently fixed. Further, they don’t fall out as he talks, and he is not embarrassed anymore when he talks to anyone.

Benefit 7: Look More Youthful With Veneers And Crowns

The facial structure changes as you age, especially if you have multiple missing teeth. However, a shiny smile can make you look younger immediately.

The shape of the teeth also plays an essential role in how old you look. Older people tend to have shorter and flatter teeth due to the constant wear over the years.

Luckily, cosmetic dentistry can improve the way your teeth look, making them larger or rounder. This is another one of the amazing benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

younger looking man with beautiful smile - cosmetic dentistry benefit

Cosmetic dentistry can drastically change how old or how young you look.

I often see these kinds of cases in my consultation. Nonetheless, Ivan’s case was one of the most severe I have ever treated.

He wore braces for 5 years. Unfortunately, he had developed TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) problems that eventually led to bruxism.

This is a frequent condition where the patient involuntarily grinds his teeth, especially while sleeping or under heavy stress.

As a result, his teeth were severely worn out, and his vertical dimension was reduced. This means that the lower portion of his face got reduced due to wear on his teeth. This made him look older than he was.

Since he was concerned about his facial appearance, I used zirconia crowns to increase his vertical dimension. We matched the crown’s length to the previous length of his natural teeth. Therefore, we made his face look more natural and gave him a youthful appearance once again.

Mike said he looked around for a cosmetic dentist in San Diego and found our prices fair and competitive, especially since we use top labs and materials.

Benefit 8: Cosmetic Dentistry Gives You A Fresh Start

Sometimes, life doesn’t go according to plan, and a fresh start with a new smile in a new place or job is what you need.

This is exactly what happened to Carlo. He was unhappy with his life but didn’t do anything about it. He had several oral health problems that eventually resulted in periodontitis, tooth loss, and multiple tooth abscesses.

Did you know that bacteria from periodontitis and abscesses can spread to your heart and cause severe health conditions? Carlo was aware of this.

He decided that it was finally time for some changes in his life after he healed. He wanted to get a fresh start beginning with his teeth and oral health. Shortly after, he heard that a cosmetic dentist in San Diego could improve his condition. That is how he came to me for a consultation to achieve a perfect smile.

model of dental implants and full-mouth dentures

Full-mouth dental implants and overdentures are effective in bringing back your smile to start anew in life.

Usually, we try to save every tooth. But during the consultation, both Carlo and I decided that it was best to start over with full-mouth dental implants.

After finishing his dental treatment, I taught him how to maintain good oral hygiene. He continued with his plan of a fresh start and found a new job in another state where he lives happily.

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Benefit 9: Improve Your Diet With Cosmetic Treatments

Nutrition is a core element of everybody’s life. Therefore, eating is something everyone enjoys doing. It gives you the energy to perform your daily activities.

However, severely damaged teeth can prevent you from eating your favorite food. Moreover, if you lose multiple molars, you can also experience difficulty eating certain foods.

In most cases, people avoid eating hard food when their teeth are weakened by caries. Biting something hard in that state could result in a tooth fracture. Moreover, sweet, cold, or hot food or beverages can also trigger a painful reaction. Therefore, it limits your available food options.

Fortunately, one of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry is restoring severely damaged teeth through dental crowns. All these restorations act as a cap that covers the tooth to reinforce them. This allows you to bite and eat your favorite food normally.

The Takeaway

Cosmetic dentistry is the best solution for anyone who wants to improve their smile aesthetics. We have multiple treatment options to solve any situation while enhancing your appearance.

These restorations have an enormous positive impact on your life. They can boost confidence and self-esteem. However, there’s more to it than that. They can enhance the opportunities of getting a job and make you more attractive and approachable.

Lastly, they also have the same benefits as any dental treatment. Cosmetic dentistry procedures restore oral health and allow you to eat and speak normally.

If you are looking for high-quality cosmetic dentistry in San Diego, make an appointment with us at Blyss Dental and start enjoying the many benefits of cosmetic dentistry. We will guide you on your journey toward your smile transformation.


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