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Our mission is to overcome patients’ fear and distrust of dentistry.

And to make a great smile accessible to everyone.

We’re passionate about our chosen profession of dentistry as a way to serve people and do good in the world. It’s fulfilling to change people’s lives by giving them a confident smile back and taking the pain away. We named our practice Blyss because that’s what we want you to feel about your new smile, and about your treatment

“I’ve brought the best practices with me and added my own philosophies to make Blyss a positive, transformative place to get your dental work done.”

Cosmetic dentist in San Diego and Del Mar California

Georgina Carrasco, DMD

Featured Dentist

Dr. Georgina Carrasco comes from a family of dentists. She started out working in her father’s dental office at 18. After years as a dental assistant, she became a dentist herself, specializing in restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Working in a variety of settings gave her the exposure to know what works and what doesn’t in dentistry.

Dr. Carrasco is known for her compassionate care and gentle touch. In fact, while in dental school she earned both “Most Compassionate Dentist” and “Lifelong Learner” awards. Staying current with dental trends and techniques enables her to offer patients the most up-to-date care.

Dr. Carrasco devotes some of her spare time to being a dental products entrepreneur. Most recently, her patent-pending design for a surgical mask won the Next-Gen Mask Challenge, selected from almost 1,000 entries from 67 countries. Be sure to ask her about it when you see her!