Not All Dental Implants Are The Same: Know Why The Best Dentists Use Top Implant Brands

In this article, Dr. Georgina discusses the reasons why the top dental implant brands are the top choice for the best dentists in San Diego. She also reveals her pick as Blyss Dental’s preferred dental implant brand.

Top implant dentist in San Diego showing a model of a dental implant

As you read this, you have probably come across a barrage of advertisements talking about the “top” dental implant brands in San Diego. Strewn across different media outlets, each brand aggressively competes for your attention and dollar.

As part of this blog, I am going to answer some questions you may or may not have asked yourself such as:

  • Which dental implant brand(s) are the best ones globally?
  • What makes these implant brands better than others?
  • Are there criteria that would help me ask my dentist the right questions when deciding on what brand of dental implants should I get?

Well, you’re in luck! At Blyss Dental, I have made it my mission to help patients arrive at informed decisions.

So read on as I share the top reasons why I and other top dentists in San Diego choose only the best dental implant brands. And why you should avoid settling for seconds (or thirds!) when it comes to your stellar smile and oral health.

Plus, later in this article, I will also be revealing the top-performing dental implant brands and our top choice here at Blyss Dental.

The Current State of The Global Dental Implant Market

As of writing this article, more than 40 dental implant manufacturers are currently marketing more than 100 dental implant systems.

Manufacturers of these implant systems are located in different countries around the world. These include but are not limited to the United States, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, Israel, and China.

According to figures released in 2021, most dental implant companies are looking to grab a meatier chunk of the ever-expanding $1 billion + U.S. market. So, the competition for your hard-earned buck is fierce.

Given the present state of affairs, I don’t blame you if you find navigating this industry somewhat difficult.

That is why writing this article made a lot of sense to me. It enables me to guide my patients to choose the best dental implant service in San Diego. All the while keeping things simple and cheery!

Top Reasons Why The Best Implant Dentists Choose Only The Top Dental Implant Brands

Below are the reasons why top dentists recommend the best implant brands. With the knowledge you gain here, you can confidently steer your dental rehabilitation plan alongside your oral health care provider.

Reason 1: The Best Implant Brands are Backed Up by Scientific Data

As they say, “The devil’s in the details.”

All top-performing dental implant brands have an abundance of published scientific research data. These data came from randomized clinical trials and rigorous safety tests.

top dental implant brands in San Diego and Del Mar backed up with research data

Backed by scientific data. Top dental implant systems have predictable results because of years of research and testing

This is not much different than the hours and days of safety and performance tests that a car’s engine and parts undergo before it becomes available at a local car dealership near you.

The studies and data give dental implant specialists and patients the confidence to:

  • accept what the manufacturer is saying about their product,
  • recommend and further endorse the top-tier dental implant system.

These studies also make the results of your dental implant treatment highly predictable. This brings us to the second reason.

Reason 2: The Best Implant Brands Have a Low Failure Rate

First, know this: many reasons may increase the likelihood of implant failure. These include:

  1. A person’s overall nutrition status
  2. The presence of a chronic disease condition (such as uncontrolled diabetes)
  3. Smoking habits
  4. Vitamin deficiencies (Vitamin D for example)
  5. Location of the implant in the jawbone
  6. General bone health and quality at the site of implantation in the jawbone
  7. Surgical technique
  8. The texture of the implant surface (smooth or rough? machined or threaded? coated or non coated? etched or sprayed?)
  9. Peri implantitis (a loosening of the implant due to a gradual loss of the surrounding jawbone and gum line)
  10. Type of load on top of the dental implant(s) (crown, denture, or bridge)
Failed low-quality bad dental implant brand and why you should avoid them

Failed dental implant. This low-quality dental implant failed within a few years. Top implant brands boast higher success rates and are recommended by the best dental implant dentists.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Aren’t the odds stacked heavily against a successful implant outcome for most patients?” Not quite!

This is the point where your implant dentist and top dental implant brand swoop in to offset the balance in favor of success.

Hard scientific evidence says that if an implant is to fail (loosen), it will do so within the first 6 months to 1 year of placement.

I can’t speak for all the brands out there, but I can vouch for the predictable results offered by the best-rated dental implants that we use for all our patients.

At Blyss Dental, I only offer implant systems to my patients backed by hardcore and real-time data and excellent clinical performance well beyond the 5-year mark.

So always opt for an expert in dental implantology and a top-end dental implant system. Especially if you want to increase your chances of a worry-free dental implant experience.

By doing so, you can save yourself the hassle of do-overs.

Reason 3: Top Implant Brands Are Made of High-Quality Materials

Picture a dental implant as a biologically friendly anchor surgically placed in the healthy part of the jawbone below the gums. The sole intent of this procedure is to provide support for an artificial dental crown (teeth) in the space where natural teeth have gone missing.

Now, for successful dental implant surgery, your implants should be made with high-quality and biologically friendly materials.

What’s the primary material used for making most dental implants?

Commercially pure Titanium (CpTi) based alloys are the material of choice for making dental implants. They come in grades ranging from 1 to 4: grade 4 being the strongest, most durable, and longer-lasting for most applications.

The best dental implant brands only use the highest grade materials. This is one of the reasons why the best implant dentists choose these brands.

Straumann dental implants - high-quality material

Photo from Top implant brands only use the best and high-quality materials to ensure the biological friendliness of the implants.

Now you may ask, “Now that I know the material used for my implants, what’s in it for me?”

Before answering that question, let’s dive into what happens after the dental implant is placed inside the jawbone.

Dental Implants and ‘Osseointegration’

After placement, it takes around six to eight weeks (depending on the various patient and environmental factors listed under Reason 2) for the bone around the implant to heal.

During this time, the bone grows around the length of the implant, gradually encircling and clasping it. The ‘grow-around’ and ‘implant-hugging’ behavior of bone is referred to as osseointegration.

This phenomenon gradually secures the dental implant inside the jawbone. This in effect allows a dental prosthetic, such as a crown, to be mounted at a later stage by cementing or screw tightening.

The above phenomenon is very much like the foundational struts supporting a pedestrian or automobile bridge on top. The stronger and more firmly the struts are anchored in the ground, the more stable the overhead superstructure.

How does a dental implant get bone so excited about it instead of getting rejected by the body?

The secret sauce is in the method used to manufacture the dental implant and the surface coating around it. These two variables play a big part in ensuring the success of dental implants inside the mouth.

How important is a strong union between implant and bone?

A secure dental implant can effectively support dental restorations, such as crowns, bridges, and even dentures mounted on top of it. Think of it like a bottle cap snugly hugging the mouth of a soda pop bottle. The opposing ridges and grooves of the bottle cap and mouth allow for a tight fit between the two.

What’s In It For You?

Now, let’s go back to the question of how all this information helps you go for a particular dental implant brand? What’s really in it for you to know what material is your implant made of?

It would behoove you to know that the degree of biological friendliness of a dental implant (or its love for bone) is determined to a large extent by the inherent qualities of the dental implant mentioned above.

Knowing all these can help you be at ease with the results of your treatment. This makes it beneficial for you to ask your dentists what implant brand they use and what materials they are made of.

At Blyss Dental, we only use implant brands made with the highest quality materials to ensure high success rates for our patients. You may book a free consultation with us to know more about the dental implant brand we use.

Reason 4: It is Easier to Find and Switch to Highly Trained Dental Implant Dentists

The top dental implant brands are always keen to provide continuous local support for patients and dentists using their system. These include periodically announcing updated guidelines, improved equipment, special offers and discounts, and training for dentists using their system.

Therefore, it is highly likely that a dentist working with a top dental implant brand attends a series of workshops and seminars throughout a given year.

Consequently, the ultimate beneficiary will always be their patients. In short, a better-trained dentist means better and more predictable results and perks for you!

Best dental implant dentist in San Diego and Del Mar California

Switching Dentists? No Problem!

Given the global reputation enjoyed by top-end dental implant systems, switching over to another dental implant dentist in San Diego is a cakewalk.

How will my new dentist familiarize her/himself with my preferred dental implant brand?

Easy! Almost all the top-performing dental implant systems have universal and standardized equipment, materials, and placement guidelines.

The guidelines are detailed meticulously in an instruction manual or standard operating procedures (SOPs). Much like a particular brand’s step-by-step guide for installing their baby car seat or a home theater sound system!

Given that top dental implant brands have been around for a long time, your new oral health care provider may already be familiar with and comfortable using these implant systems.

That may not be the case with other generic dental implant brands that are still relatively fresh in the industry.

In short, generic brands just don’t have the juice in terms of decades of solid clinical data to back their claims. Especially when it comes to long-term survival rates of the dental implant inside the mouth.

Are dental implants and their associated equipment, components, and patient support easily available in my area?

With top dental implant brands, you can rest assured that all the different implant components and installation tools are easily and readily available (or replaceable should things go sideways at any stage of the treatment).

For instance, Straumann has a reliable and well-established network of distributors and supply chains in the San Diego and Del Mar areas.

So always remember to ask your new dentist which dental implant brand they are using. It will make the transition to a new dentist and your implant treatment journey seamless and predictable, minus any unpleasant surprises.

Reason 5: Top Implant Brands Offer Guarantees

Let’s face it. We all love guarantees and can’t get enough of them right? With the best implant brands, there’s no shortage of that. Simply put, the top-ranked dental implant brands provide the best guarantees by a mile!

Straumann, for instance, provides its clients with a lifetime guarantee in case of failure or breakage of the dental implant after all dental restorations have been completed and finalized.

Straumann best teeth implants lifetime guarantee

If you are adamant about securing a winning combination of the best implant dentist with the best teeth implants, you are setting yourself up for a hassle and trouble-free dental implant experience for the long haul.

Also, no matter how unlikely, if you feel something’s not right with your implant, say 10 or 20 years down the road, rest assured that the best implant providers will still be around to address the issue pronto!

New and smaller dental manufacturers may not be in business after so many years of fierce competition. It becomes a huge pain point if something goes south with your dental implant a few years out.

For instance, some components, such as an abutment (the metal part on top of the dental implant that serves as a base for mounting the dental crown), are exclusive to a particular dental implant brand.

Which is another way of saying that the abutment can’t be sourced if the manufacturer has gone out of business. You may be setting yourself up for failure with generic implant brands.

A Quick Overview Of The Top Performing Implant Brands

Much like the dynamics of any other industry, there are two blocs of dental implant manufacturers or brands.

  • Bloc 1: The Trendsetters. They are the innovators or pioneers who determine the direction of the entire industry.
  • Bloc 2: The Followers. These implant manufacturers prefer to follow the industry leaders. They capitalize on the gains, breakthroughs, and advancements of the former for the most part

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the top performers – or trendsetters – of the dental implant industry.

Nobel Biocare

Considered one of the top contenders for the crown, Nobel Biocare has a large selection of dental prosthetics, implants, and biomaterials to help you on the path to a utopian smile.

Founded in 2002, they have made considerable strides after coming up with innovative dental technologies. Moreover, their NB N1 system is nothing short of an ingenious implant site preparation method, considerably streamlining the placement process.

Expect Nobel Biocare to grow continuously, developing new technologies and increasing sales in the years ahead.

Zimmer Biomet

This US-based company originally took off by producing aluminum splints back in 1927.

Zimmer Biomet currently holds approximately a 7% share in the global dental implant market. They are one of the superior drivers of the dental restoration industry.

Nowadays, they are more prominent for offering implant solutions for sports injury cases of the jawbone and dental trauma cases.


The launch of their tapered pro dental implant was a huge success and firmly put BioHorizons on the implantology map. Like its close competitor Zimmer Biomet, BioHorizons also holds 7% of the dental implant market with a tad steeper price point.

Regardless, the price tag comes with a promise of stellar product composition and performance.

The launch of their tapered pro series dental implants has successfully integrated the triad of predictability, stellar products, and high value into their systems. All desirable facets that put both dentists and patients at ease.

Blyss Dental’s Top Choice: Straumann

I use Straumann dental implants for most of my patients to deliver predictable, stellar, and superior results that all my patients deserve.

This Swiss dental implant company has been in business since 1954. It initially started as a metal alloy research company focused on developing implants for treating bone fractures.

Later their focus shifted to developing dental implants, biomaterials, and instruments.

What makes them shine the brightest?

  1. Excellent and super predictable treatment results.
  2. Frequent technological innovations and advancements in implantology.
  3. Superior and dedicated research and development (R & D) facilities.
  4. Convenient, hassle-free, and easy to install implant systems for dentists.
  5. Extremely durable implants – little to no chance of breakage during service.

All the above talking points place Straumann firmly as a global leader in the dental implant industry for the foreseeable future.

Straumann: A League Of Their Own

Straumann dental implants rely on their patented Sand-blasted, Large grit, Acid-etched (SLA) surface to achieve results consistently in terms of dental implant retention and performance.

The combined trifecta of ideal surface roughness, cell-friendly coating, and acid treatment, creates an ideal implant surface for osteoblasts – the bone-making cells living inside a thin layer encasing bone tissue.

The osteoblasts simply can’t get enough of this good stuff and excitedly latch on to the dental implant surface soon after placement in the jawbone. This all happens as they merrily go about their business of laying down bone around the implant.

More importantly, this contributes significantly towards bringing bone-healing (osseointegration) periods down to three to four weeks!

In addition, the 5 and 10-year survival rates of Straumann dental implants have been consistently backed up by many peer-reviewed clinical studies since 1998. There are also low chances of developing peri-implantitis or implant failure.

This is why I always prefer the Straumann dental implant system for my San Diego patients. With Straumann, I am always confident that I’m getting the best deal in terms of superior material grade and performance, backed by decades of clinical data.

It all roughly translates to longer-lasting, do-over-free, confident, and healthy smiles for my patients!

With the time-tested, proven, and award-winning performance of the Straumann dental implant system, I am super confident and elated to provide a 5-year guarantee on all your Straumann dental implants placed at Blyss Dental.

best dental implant brands - The top implant dentists in San Diego recommend these high quality implants

What are the best dental implant manufacturers?

Is there a downside to going for the best implant brand?

The only thing that would detract some people from opting for the best in the industry would be a not so modest upfront price tag. But even this is surmountable.

As many dentists partner up with major dental implant players, they are privy to receive exclusive deals, promotions, and offers without compromising on the quality of care they deliver. They, in turn, are happy and eager to transfer these monetary benefits to their patients.

So always be sure to ask your new or existing dentist about the best offer they can give you for your customized dental implant treatment plan.


When you opt for dental implant prostheses for replacing lost teeth, you have already decided to go for one of the best ways to restore the life, luster, and appearance of your smile.

Not all dental implants and dental implant systems are in the same league. They differ from one another in the design, quality, type, and processing parameters of the materials used in their manufacture.

The use of a high-end dental implant is paramount for ensuring long-term performance and satisfaction.

But the matter of who performs the procedure of placing the implant and the fixing of a dental crown on top is just as imperative if not more for achieving absolute treatment success.

It can be daunting to voluntarily have a foreign object surgically placed in the body. Especially if you don’t have the right guidance, facts, and review of things as they stand today.

When writing this blog, I have tried to put myself in your shoes and lay out all the facets and angles to put those concerns at rest as best I can.

However, If you still have any further concerns and queries, I’m just a call away.

Blyss Dental takes great pride in being the top dental implant destination in the Del Mar and San Diego areas.

If you’re considering going down the dental implant route for achieving your dental treatment objectives, the first step is to get in touch with me at Blyss Dental in Del Mar.

Connect with our office today by visiting our contact page or just give us a call at 858-799-0570 and we’ll be happy to lend assistance during office hours.


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