Invisalign Cost Insider Tips: How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Invisalign Treatment

We have helpful insider information to help you navigate Invisalign cost. This blog contains some information on Invisalign pricing and tips on how to save thousands on Invisalign.

Invisaling Cost Insider Tips

Invisalign is one of the top teeth alignment treatments around. Here at Blyss Dental, we receive a lot of inquiries about Invisalign cost from patients around Del Mar and San Diego. The most common question we get is, “Is Invisalign expensive? Is it worth it?”

In this article, we will not just help you understand the treatment. We will also take an extra step to help you navigate the price of Invisalign so you can avoid overpaying yet still get the most out of your treatment.

To better understand Invisalign prices, the article is divided into four sections:

First, let’s talk a bit about Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

If you have crooked teeth and misaligned bite but braces are not your thing, then Invisalign teeth aligners could be the solution you’re looking for.

Invisalign is intended to correct teeth alignment without being “too conspicuous”.

It involves wearing a series of removable aligners that will move the teeth effectively. It does all these without the restrictions that come with wearing traditional braces because there won’t be any brackets or wires.

Invisalign is recommended for teens and adults who wish to improve their smile. These teeth aligners can fix nearly all teeth misalignment problems and bite issues, from simple to complex. Take note, though, that it is still on a case-to-case basis.

Invisalign dentist in San Diego and Del Mar

Blyss Dental is a certified Invisalign Provider in San Diego and Del Mar. Book an appointment now to know more about it.

Effective and convenient as it may be, Invisalign is not cheap.

We have seen Invisalign price promotions as low as $2500 for minor alignment corrections. We have also seen dentists offer Invisalign as high as $8000. But, as we advise our patients, this price range may still not give you the fair price of Invisalign.

Luckily for you, we have tips that may help you save thousands on your Invisalign treatment.

How is Invisalign priced?

There are several factors that influence the cost of Invisalign. These include:

  1. Dentist factors
  2. Extent or complexity of the alignment problem
  3. Fixed price vs tiered pricing
  4. Pretreatment procedures
  5. Posttreatment procedures
  6. Mode of payment

Cost Factor #1: Dentist price markup

Fact: The cost dentists pay to the Invisalign Manufacturer (Align Technology) is the same throughout the US as it is the same product regardless of the dental office.

This means that a dentist in San Diego purchases Invisalign at approximately the same price as a dentist in New York. But, it is entirely up to the dentists how much they will charge their patients for the treatment.

This is why Invisalign prices vary across different dental practices and locations. You could be paying $6500 for the same Invisalign treatment that’s offered by another dentist for $4500 just 3 blocks away.

There are also top Invisalign dentists that charge a premium owing to the experience and number of Invisalign cases they have done.

Dentist involvement also explains why Invisalign is pricier than the do-it-yourself clear aligners you can find online and we will talk more about that later.

Cost Factor #2: Extent or complexity of your alignment

Just like any other treatment, patients should first consult with their dentists for a smile and oral health assessment.

At Blyss Dental, we use the result of this assessment to come up with a customized, step-by-step treatment plan that will result in the transformation of our patients’ smiles.

Our dentist maps out the necessary tooth movements, then designs the clear aligners based on how much force is needed where and for how long.

Close up of teeth with complex alignment problems before and after Invisalign treatment in San Diego and Del Mar California

Invisalign cost depends primarily on the complexity of the misalignment or bite problems. The more complex the case is, the higher the cost becomes.

For example, if the case requires just a simple alignment of the front teeth, that would require less than 10 trays and about six months of treatment. Front teeth are much easier to move than the back teeth and if the latter is your problem, then your treatment costs would go up.

Invisalign Dentist in San Diego and Del Mar California - before and after

Simple Invisalign cases such as chipped teeth but with minor alignment issues may cost a little less compared to teeth with major gaps.

In short, the more complex the case is, the more teeth aligners are needed to do the necessary corrections. Hence, the Invisalign cost also becomes higher.

To give you an idea, here are the most common Invisalign packages that dentists offer. We included here the price range, duration, and brief descriptions of the cases when these packages are recommended.

Typical Invisalign Cost:

Invisalign PackagesAverage Cost# of TraysDuration of TreatmentRecommended for:
Invisalign Go or Invisalign Lite$3500Up to 14 setsLess than 6 monthsMinor front teeth crowding or spacing;
Aesthetic improvements;
Front teeth only.
Invisalign Moderate$4500Up to24 sets6 to 12 monthsMild to moderate crowding, spacing, and misalignment;
May include back teet
Invisalign Comprehensive$7500As many as necessaryAt least 12 months 

Most kinds of major alignment problems, including back teeth

Cost Factor #3: Fixed price vs tiered pricing

Did you know that you could be charged the same price for Invisalign regardless of your teeth alignment case?

Yes, you could only have a simple case but are paying $5500 for a cost similar to a comprehensive package. Why? Because some dentists use fixed pricing for Invisalign regardless of the case’s complexity. Usually, they base this fixed price on the comprehensive package.

For other dentists, they follow a tiered pricing (shown in the table above) just like what we do here at Blyss Dental. In this tiered pricing, a simple case actually takes less than 6 months and should only cost between $2800 to $3500.

Ask your dentists if they have tiered pricing before immediately saying yes to the treatment. As noted in Cost Factor 2, knowing your level of complexity can save you thousands of dollars.

Cost Factor #4: Pretreatment procedures

Before proceeding with the Invisalign treatment, dentists will most likely require pretreatment procedures to make sure your teeth and gums are in top health to avoid unnecessary risks.

You may have oral health problems that may affect the treatment or results. Some of these procedures may be necessary before getting Invisalign, such as fixing periodontal problems, root canal treatment, or large decay.

More often than not, the costs of these procedures are not yet included in the price of Invisalign.

Here are some of the common procedures that you may have to go through before the Invisalign treatment:

Pre-treatment Procedures

Initial Consultations with Xrays and Invisalign Diagnostic$150 to 300Free Consultation

Take advantage of this offer and schedule a free consultation appointment now
Assess the patient’s smile and overall oral health. It helps determine the need for other pretreatment procedures and also to come up with a comprehensive, step-by-step treatment plan.
X-rays$100$95This is the regular/routine cleaning performed every 6-months to make sure you don’t have any plaque that may get worse with wearing Invisalign.
Cleaning$100 to $200$125This is the regular/routine cleaning performed every 6-months to make sure you don’t have any plaque that may get worse with wearing Invisalign.
Deep Cleaning (Periodontal Treatment)$300 to $600A more thorough form of cleaning done in cases where gum “pockets” have already formed due to gum disease. It usually involves scraping the tooth root area so that gum reattachment and subsequent elimination of gum pockets may occur.
Wisdom tooth surgery$200 to $600 per tooth$355Performed early in the treatment if the wisdom teeth are the source of the misalignment and/or bite problem, or if they might potentially interfere with the orthodontic treatment.
Extractions$240A necessary pretreatment procedure if the crowding is severe. The dentist may also suggest the extraction of healthy teeth, usually the premolars. This is to gain the space required to relieve the crowding and align the teeth properly.
Fillings$200 to $500 per tooth$226 to $426
Some large decay may need treatment to prevent possible damage to the tooth or to prevent further decay.
Root canal treatment$1000 to $1500This procedure is done on decayed teeth that are no longer amenable to a simple restoration.
Dental Crown$1200 to $1700$1425Usually the final restoration required after completion of root canal treatment

Cost Factor #5: Post-treatment procedures

Some dentists also recommend post-Invisalign treatments to really maximize the transformation of your smile.

Comparison of patient’s teeth with and without Invisalign trays and the before and after close up shots

Post-treatment procedures are usually recommended to sustain the Invisalign results and to maintain the perfect smile that you achieved after months or even years.

With the exception of retainers, the majority of the post-treatment procedures are optional. These procedures are mostly cosmetic. Invisalign results only in the straightening of the teeth, but it has no effect whatsoever on the surface appearance of a tooth.

Here are some of those procedures:

Post-treatment Procedures

Prepay for Retainters$500 to $700 per arch depending on the type (i.e. fixed or removable, with or without false teeth)$520Oral appliances worn after completion of the invisalign treatment to prevent the teeth from regressing and shifting back to their misaligned position; “Retain” or preserve the corrections of teeth straightening procedures.
Teeth whitening$650 to $1500 $450Whiten and improve the appearance of your newly aligned front teeth.
Bonded restorations$300 to $500 per tooth$226 to $426To repair tooth chipping that has become more noticeable after the teeth have been straightened.
Veneers$800 to $2500 per tooth$890 - $1580They can noticeably improve the size, shape, and color of the teeth. Recommended for those who are still not confident with their smile even after their Invisalign treatment.
Crowns$1000 to $1700 per tooth$1425

Fixed bridges$3000 to $6000$4275Prescribed for cases where closing the space is not possible with Invisalign, or even orthodontic treatment in general.

Invisalign Cost Calculator in San Diego and Del Mar

Cost Factor #6: Mode of payment

Most dentists charge for the entire cost of Invisalign upfront. Some offer payment plans, such as monthly or fixed installment payments.

But third-party financing programs are often available with your dentist. Expect to pay an extra for the interest, though. Always check the fine print to know how much interest you are paying.

Invisalign deals and ads: Are they for real?

Invisalign is expensive. There are, however, lots of deals and ads that offer savings on your treatment. Some of these are real and indeed allow you to save, while there are also a lot that are “too good to be true”.


The Invisalign promos that we often see online are those that offer:

  • Big discounts
  • Invisalign price offs
  • Ultra-low Invisalign price

Let’s talk about these Invisalign promos one by one and we’ll help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

Cheap Invisalign Promo 1: Big Discounts on Invisalign

You may see an Invisalign deal that offers $2500. Huge savings, isn’t it? Let’s decipher this Invisalign price offer and find out if it is a great find.

Earlier, you’ve learned that the cost of Invisalign ranges from $2800 to $8000 depending on the length and difficulty of your alignment problem. Thus, the $2500 discount is most likely offered by a dentist that charges Invisalign packages by tier.

More importantly, the deal will most likely apply only to the most complex Invisalign package.

Let’s do a sample computation:

Invisalign Comprehensive $7500


The deal sounds good, right? That is if your case really needs the Comprehensive package. Even so, it still isn’t a win because you will be paying around the average price for that package.

For the lower-priced Invisalign packages (i.e. Invisalign Go), the $2500 discount obviously won’t apply.

For example, Invisalign Go costs $3000. At a $2500 discount, you’d only have to pay $500. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The discount for the lowest tier would probably be a maximum of $500.

Let’s say the $2500 Invisalign deal is true for all cases. What happens here is that patients are charged as though they require the comprehensive package, regardless of the difficulty of the case. While it is true that you’ve “saved” $2500, you may actually overpay if your case is just a simple case.

Thousands worth of Invisalign discounts sound really exciting, but if you really think about it, you aren’t getting a big discount after all.

Cheap Invisalign Promo 2: $500 off Invisalign Deals

Deals like this are pretty much similar to the first one we talked about. The difference is they are a bit more straightforward but typically have an expiration date.

A $500-discount on Invisalign treatment is reasonable; however, since some dentists don’t post their prices online, we don’t know for sure if you really are really getting the discount.

For example, the true cost of your Invisalign treatment is $4000 but the posted price becomes $4500 to cover the $500 off.

You may also need to cover other costs that are not included, such as the consultation, cleaning, and retainers. So, it’s really hard to know the total cost until you get a consultation with the dentist offering the deal.

Here at Blyss Dental, we are always transparent about our pricing. You can see our list of regular prices online. We post offers that outline what’s included making it easier to access our $500-off offer.

Check out our Invisalign packages here:

Invisalign Go or Invisalign Lite$3500$3897
Invisalign Comprehensive$5500$5637

Cheap Invisalign Promo 3: Ultra Low-Cost Invisalign Price for $2500

Based on the average Invisalign cost we mentioned earlier, getting an Invisalign treatment for $2500 is possible.

It is very likely, though, that this applies only to the Invisalign Go or lower Package. If your case requires the more expensive packages, then you will still have to pay around $4000 to $5500 for the treatment.

If by any chance an ultra-low price is offered even for the Moderate and Comprehensive packages, analyze if the price includes procedures such as consultations ($300), cleaning ($200), restorations, and retainers ($700) among others. Then, you can analyze the total procedure expense for the Invisalign treatment.

Discount - Cheap Invisalign Deals in San Diego - Ads that don't tell the full cost

How to save on Invisalign cost?

You now have a rough idea on how dentists come up with the price of Invisalign. With that, you’re now one step ahead of most patients. But we’re not done yet.

There are a lot of factors that affect the price of Invisalign, but based on our experience, we are able to come up with these helpful tips on how to save on Invisalign cost.

  1. Know the level of complexity of your case.
  2. You don’t necessarily need a “top Invisalign dentist.”
  3. Find a good and honest dentist.
  4. Get the total cost from start to finish.
  5. Explore outside your neighborhood.
  6. Check if your dental insurance covers Invisalign.
  7. Don’t feel pressured to sign up for Invisalign promos that carry a deadline.
  8. Look for deals that are transparent in the pricing.

1. Know the level of complexity of your case.

Are you a simple alignment case? If you have an idea as to how severe your case is, then that’s already one big step towards saving thousands of dollars on your treatment. That’s because you know which Invisalign package you’ll need and how much to pay for it.

As such, instead of paying around $5000 to $6000, you know that you only have to pay around $3000 to $4000 maximum.

We know someone who paid $6800 for Invisalign in San Diego. She realized after her treatment that her case was a simple case that took less than six months. She could have paid half the price had she shopped around and saved $3400.

Moreover, if you are offered a big discount, you’ll be able to decipher if it’s real or not based on the complexity of your case.

2. You don’t necessarily need a “top Invisalign dentist.”

For some instances, you may also be charged a premium if you happen to go to a top Invisalign dentist. But, dentists who provide Invisalign don’t need to be specialists such as an Orthodontist (braces dentist). Invisalign can be offered by any general dentist who undergoes certification.

The truth is, Invisalign is Invisalign – it works the same way for all Invisalign-certified dentists. Of course, some complex cases need to be referred to an Orthodontist to ensure success.

The point is, you don’t necessarily have to pay a premium.

However, it is always a good move to pick an Invisalign dentist with experience.

Dentist showing aligners to patient

Dentist supervision is one key factor for the success of your Invisalign treatment. Always consult with an experienced and honest dentist.

3. Find a good and honest dentist.

When we say an honest dentist, it should be one who would educate you on the REAL level of complexity of your case and the corresponding Invisalign package for it.

For example, if you have had braces before and only need minor alignment, you can avoid the most expensive package to fix your teeth.

You also need a good dentist to fix all your teeth problems before or after the Invisalign treatment. Your dentist must be able to identify all the pre-treatment procedures you need.

The success of the required pre-treatment procedures is a contributing factor to the success of the Invisalign treatment. Likewise, you’ll need a good dentist to continue your smile makeover with other post-treatment options.

4. Get the total cost from start to finish.

Total cost includes the Invisalign cost plus the cost of all the additional procedures – pretreatment and post treatment – your case requires. Knowing these will help you in your decision-making and avoid any surprises along the way.

If you don’t know or at least have an idea of the total cost early on, you may end up not getting all the treatment you need. This, in turn, might result in treatment failure or unsatisfactory results

5. Explore outside your neighborhood.

There are plenty of dentists that offer Invisalign treatment. You don’t need to limit yourself within your neighborhood. Explore the dentists near you and compare prices.

If you live in or near an area with few dentists, Invisalign prices tend to be higher. Conversely, if there are many dentists within your area, then the price goes down.

A story about a patient who explored 30 miles outside her neighborhood and found a cheaper option

Always compare prices to save. Ask yourself, “how does the price being offered by the dentist near me compare against others?”

If you’ll have your treatment someplace else because they offer “cheap” Invisalign there, take into consideration the expenses that you will incur going to and from that place.

If the price difference is not much and that difference will go to your travel expenses anyway, then it might be best to have your treatment done in a clinic near you for the sake of convenience.

We at Blyss Dental offer free consultation if you live in San Diego or nearby cities.

6. Check if your dental insurance covers Invisalign.

Some patients also ask, “Is Invisalign covered by insurance?”

Yes, your dental insurance plan may pay for Invisalign as part of the coverage for orthodontic treatment. But, more often than not, they do not pay it in full. Usually, insurance companies only pay for a certain percentage of the total cost or just a specific amount.

On the brighter side, most insurance plans cover pretreatment procedures such as dental examinations, x-rays, and cleanings. So this can help you avoid paying tons of money upfront.

However, major procedures such as prosthodontics and cosmetic dental procedures are only covered up to a maximum of 50%. This leaves at least 50% of the total cost up to the patient to cover out-of-pocket.

We highly recommend that you discuss this with your dentist and your insurance provider before pushing through with the treatment.

7. Don’t feel pressured to sign up for Invisalign promos that carry a deadline.

Invisalign price-off deals often carry an expiration date. You will often see, for example, a deal that says “$2000 off if you sign up this week”. It may seem like a good deal until you discover all the true costs. A discount this big probably means you’ll be charged with the most expensive package.

Furthermore, rushing into treatment without thinking it through might do you more harm than good. Always take your time evaluating the cost. Who knows, maybe you’d find a real, much better deal next time.

Blyss Dental offers Invisalign promos that carry a deadline. But we make sure we give you the true cost so you know you are really getting a discount.

8. Look for deals that are transparent in the pricing.

Find a dental practice that posts or at least provides you with the total price of their services, like what we do at Blyss Dental. Some Invisalign discounts may not really save you money since the original price has already been marked up to offset the discount.

Using the $500-off example, the published price is $4500 so you’d only pay $4000. But in reality, the true cost of the treatment is $4000. Hence, there is really no discount.

At Blyss Dental, you will see all prices posted online so you know we are true to all the Invisalign deals we’re promising.


Invisalign is no doubt the KING of clear aligners. It pioneered the process. It’s the most effective and dentist-recommended among all the clear alignment therapies available. It also has more than 20 years of experience.

Person wearing aligners in three phases

Invisalign is just one of the teeth alignment options for you. Know more about the competitors to help in your decision-making.

But, it is also the most expensive.

Due to its popularity, it is not surprising that other companies have made similar but cheaper alternatives. Among the many brands that you’ll see online are:

  • SmileDirectClub
  • Candid
  • Byte
  • Smilelove
  • SnapCorrect
  • Easysmile
  • ClearCorrect

These brands offer cheaper prices, faster delivery, and less visibility. Most of them are also marketed as a “do-it-yourself” kind of thing. Some of them do work, but it is always safer and best to have supervision from a dental professional.

Tooth movement is a complex process that needs dentist supervision. Otherwise, it may lead to irreversible damage that would cause you huge expenses and lifelong dental problems.

Unless you want your case to be the next DIY-treatment-gone-wrong story, have your dentist guide you in every step of the way.

Price Comparison between Invisalign and other Clear Aligners:


At home or dentist supervisionNotes
Notes$1300 to $7500
In-office with Dentist supervisionPrice depends on the package:
Express, Go/Lite, Moderate, and Comprehensive
SmileDirectClub$1950 to $2386At home$1950 for one-time payment
For installments, a $250 deposit is required while the monthly fee is $89 for 24 months.
Candid$1895 (from $2400) to $2539At homeFor installments, a $199 deposit is required while the monthly fee is as low as $65 for 36 months
Byte$1895 to $3467At home$1895 for a one-time payment of the All-Day system; installment at $249 deposit and a monthly fee of $82 for 32 months
$2295 for a one-time payment of the At-Night system; installment at $299 deposit and a monthly fee of $99 for 32 months
SmileLoveAt least $1895At homeAdditional $300 for complex case adjustment
SnapCorrectAt least $1749At home$1749 for one-time payment
For installments, the monthly fee is at least $80.84 for 24 months
EasySmile$1880 to $2450At home$1880 for one-time payment
$110 for the impression kit, $180 for treatment plan
For installments, the monthly fee is $180 for 12 months
ClearCorrect$4000 to $5000Price depends on the treatment option/package:
Flex, Mini, One, Two, Three, Unlimited


There are so many options for you to fix your teeth alignment woes. But it is our strong recommendation that you really spend time knowing your actual needs and researching options. You also need to be familiar with how these treatments are priced to maximize your money’s worth.

Invisalign is never a bad option. We know a lot of people that are actually enjoying its benefits. With all the insider tips we’ve given in this article, we do hope that at the end of the day, you’ll be able to get the most out of your Invisalign treatment without breaking the bank.

At Blyss Dental, we believe that everyone should have access to high quality oral health services that can give you the most value. A perfect smile is everything, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend tons of money.

Learn more about your options by booking an appointment at Blyss Dental. You may also follow our social media pages for more information about Invisalign and our other services as well.